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Hey there foodies, it’s your friendly area Mandarin meals blogger here to offer you to one of my enduring favorite treats– Beijing Natural yogurt! As an enthusiast of all factors tangy and sweet, I simply can not get enough of the luscious, fanciful pleasure that has actually been alluring palate in China for over 700 years!

Coming from Beijing throughout the Yuan dynasty, Beijing Natural yogurt possesses a storied and long record that is actually immersed in practice as well as culture. Tale possesses it that a Mongolian herdsmen stumbled upon the recipe for this velvety special and also delivered it along with him to the dynamic capital area. And also young boy, am I grateful that he carried out!

What collections Beijing Yogurt apart coming from various other yogurts on the market is its one-of-a-kind combination of textures and flavors. Unlike the boring and dull natural yogurt you discover in the supermarket, Beijing Natural yogurt includes an unique sour palate that is both tangy and sweet simultaneously. As well as allow’s not ignore the texture– it’s thick and luscious, along with a hassle-free and creamy mouthfeel that is actually downright addicting!

In China, Beijing Yogurt is actually a beloved food thing that is commonly taken pleasure in as a pudding or even snack. Whether you choose it in the traditional glass jars or even as an icy delight, one thing is actually without a doubt– you simply can’t see Beijing without trying this appetizing surprise. And Also while Beijing Yogurt may possess emerged in China, it has actually obtained a following all around the globe, along with a lot of specialized supermarket and online merchants using it to consumers eager to obtain a flavor of this distinctive reward.

Background of Beijing Natural Yogurt

background of yogurt

As I pointed out earlier, Beijing Natural yogurt has been around for over 700 years and has an exciting history that extends centuries. Depending on to folklore, the dish for Beijing Yogurt was actually offered Beijing by a Mongolian ranchers throughout the Yuan dynasty, and has actually been actually delighted in through residents since.

Throughout the Qing empire, Beijing Natural yogurt became an essential part of the local dishes, and was actually also provided to the royal family as a special. Eventually, the production and also usage of Beijing Yogurt came to be more extensive, as well as it came to be a beloved food item appreciated by people coming from all line of business.

In the early 20th century, along with the introduction of present day dairy products technology, the manufacturing of Beijing Yogurt came to be much more industrialized. However, many individuals still favored the conventional technique of creating Beijing Yogurt, which includes fermenting dairy in clay-based bottles along with an unique stress of germs.

Regardless of the adjustments in production approaches, the appeal of Beijing Yogurt has actually stayed continual throughout the years. It is currently considered a cultural image of Beijing, and has been actually designated as an intangible cultural heritage due to the Chinese authorities.

Today, you can easily discover Beijing Yogurt in a variety of forms and also tastes, and also it is actually delighted in certainly not just in China, however worldwide. Whether you’re an enthusiast of the typical glass jars or like it as a frozen treat, there is actually no denying the beauty of the luscious, appetizing delicacy that has actually stood the examination of your time.

Health And Wellness Benefits of Beijing Yogurt

Not simply is actually Beijing Yogurt delectable, it additionally delivers a variety of health and wellness perks that create it a great enhancement to any kind of diet plan.

First as well as foremost, Beijing Yogurt is actually a fantastic source of healthy protein, which is vital for property as well as repairing muscle mass tissue. It is additionally high in calcium, which is vital for maintaining strong bones as well as teeth.

In enhancement, Beijing Yogurt consists of online and also active cultures of probiotics, which can easily aid to enhance digestion and also enhance the immune unit. Probiotics have actually been shown to be actually valuable in reducing inflammation, boosting digestive tract health, and also reducing cholesterol degrees.

Beijing Yogurt is actually likewise reduced in fatty tissue and also calories, creating it a great choice for those enjoying their body weight. And with its own tangy taste and creamy structure, it is actually a rewarding treat that can help to suppress longings and also keep you experiencing complete for longer.

Overall, Beijing Natural Yogurt is a tasty as well as nourishing delight that uses a stable of wellness perks. Whether you appreciate it as a dessert or snack, there’s no denying the appeal of the luscious, tangy delicacy that has actually been actually taken pleasure in for centuries.

Ways to Appreciate Beijing Natural Yogurt

There are actually many techniques to appreciate Beijing Natural yogurt, and it may be utilized in a variety of foods and also dishes. Below are actually a few well-known ways to enjoy this tasty treat:

As a dessert: Beijing Natural yogurt is actually usually acted as a treat, either on its personal or with added fruit or even honey. Its appetizing taste pairs well along with sweet toppings, creating it a healthy and delicious alternative to traditional treats.

In shakes: Beijing Natural yogurt may be contributed to healthy smoothies for an added boost of healthy protein as well as probiotics. It includes a creamed structure as well as appetizing taste to smoothies, making all of them each delicious and nutritious.

In dressings and sauces: Beijing Natural yogurt could be made use of as a base for sauces as well as dress up, incorporating a tangy flavor as well as creamed texture to meals. It functions especially well in mouthwatering dressings for salads or even as a dip for vegetables.

Icy: Beijing Natural yogurt could be iced up and enjoyed as an ice cream reward. Its creamed appearance as well as zesty flavor create it a refreshing as well as healthy and balanced substitute to frozen yogurt.

In cooked products: Beijing Yogurt may be used in baking to include dampness and a zesty taste to cooked products such as cakes, breads, and muffins. It may likewise be utilized alternatively for sour cream in several recipes.

Generally, Beijing Yogurt is actually a flexible component that may be made use of in a range of methods. Whether you appreciate it as a treat, in a smoothie, or even as a bottom for dressings and salad dressings, there are actually a lot of great tasting and also healthy means to include this long-established delicacy into your diet plan.

Where to Find Beijing Natural Yogurt

While Beijing Natural yogurt came from in Beijing, it has ended up being considerably preferred all over the world, and can right now be actually located in lots of countries and also areas.

In China, Beijing Natural yogurt is actually widely offered in grocery stores, ease shops, and specialized shops. Many suppliers likewise sell it on the street in small glass containers.

Beyond China, Beijing Natural yogurt may be located in specialty retail stores and internet merchants that satisfy Mandarin food items products. Some major food stores as well as natural food shops may likewise carry it in the dairy section.

If you’re interested in trying Beijing Yogurt, your best bet is to check your local Asian grocery stores or online retailers. You may also be able to find it at specialty stores that focus on health foods and natural products.

It’s worth noting that not all brands of Beijing Yogurt are created equal. Some brands may use different production methods or ingredients, which can affect the taste and quality of the yogurt. It’s always a good idea to read the label and check the ingredients before purchasing a brand you’re not familiar with.

Overall, while it may take some effort to find high-quality Beijing Yogurt, the search is well worth it for the unique and delicious taste of this beloved Chinese delicacy.


Beijing Yogurt is a beloved Chinese delicacy with a unique flavor and a rich history. Its creamy texture and tangy taste have made it a popular treat for centuries, and its health benefits have made it a staple of many diets.

From its humble origins as a simple street food in Beijing to its status as a beloved cultural icon, Beijing Yogurt has become a global sensation that is enjoyed by people of all backgrounds and ages.

Whether you enjoy it as a dessert, in a smoothie, or as a base for dressings and sauces, there are many delicious and healthy ways to incorporate Beijing Yogurt into your diet. And while it may take some effort to find high-quality brands, the search is well worth it for the delicious and unique taste of this time-honored delicacy.

The next time you’re looking for a delicious and healthy snack, consider trying Beijing Yogurt. You won’t be disappointed!

Originating in Beijing during the Yuan dynasty, Beijing Yogurt has a long and storied history that is steeped in tradition and culture. What sets Beijing Yogurt apart from other yogurts on the market is its unique combination of textures and flavors. Unlike the boring and bland yogurt you find in the supermarket, Beijing Yogurt boasts a distinctive sour taste that is both tangy and sweet at the same time. In China, Beijing Yogurt is a beloved food item that is often enjoyed as a dessert or snack. And while Beijing Yogurt may have originated in China, it has gained a following all around the world, with many specialty food stores and online retailers offering it to consumers eager to get a taste of this one-of-a-kind treat.

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