Top 10 Must-Try Chinese Beers of 2023

When it comes to drinking culture, China has a lot of history! With centuries-old winemaking traditions, modern beer consumption is also alive and well in the country. 

Chinese beers are renowned not just for their flavor but also for their special names. Most beer brands in China are named after their production places. There’s no denying how special Chinese beer can make any occasion feel – whether it be summer grilling and chilling with friends or wintertime warmth indoors. All emotions will run even higher when you enjoy some amazing local beer flavors!

With well over thousands of beer varieties in China, we may not be able to list them all in one day or night – but don’t worry! We’ve rounded a list of the top ten classic brands that everyone in China knows very well. Here is your introduction to these renowned beers.

Tsingtao Beer 青岛啤酒

Tsingtao Beer is a product of Qingdao City, Shandong Province and was founded much earlier than other Chinese beers. This beer’s success story lies in the fact that it was created by a joint venture between Britain and Germany during the Qing Dynasty.

During this period, foreigners were striving to enter China with their investments to dominate its market – an effort which paid off for those behind Tsingtao Beer!

Today, Tsingtao Beer is exported to more than 70 countries and regions in the world, including the United States, Japan, Germany, France, Britain, Italy, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, etc. The esteemed Barth Report concluded that Tsingtao Beer is the fifth most significant beer producer in the world.

Tsingtao Beer presents a clear, lucent appearance and contains an unmistakable taste of hops. Its foam content is low, allowing for its refreshing aftertaste to truly shine through!

tsingtao beer
  • Alcohol: 4.0% vol
  • Original Gravity: 10 ° P
  • Bitter: 10 – 15 IBU
  • Birthplace: Qingdao, Shandong
  • Since: 1903
  • Rating: 9.5

Pearl River Beer 珠江啤酒

Pearl River Beer from Guangzhou’s Pearl River Delta has a long and storied past. Serving as the beer of choice for foreign guests, it was established during China’s early stage of reform and development – right around the same time that this region experienced tremendous growth! 

Pearl River Beer is the ultimate choice for connoisseurs looking to experience a truly fresh and invigorating flavor. Its pleasantly light hue, delicate white foam, unique aromas and mild bitterness that fades away quickly all come together in creating an enticingly refreshing taste. With its full-bodied flavour profile yet gentle mouth feel, you’ll be sure to like it.

pearl river beer
  • Alcohol: 4.0% vol
  • Original Gravity: 12 ° P
  • Bitter: 11.5 IBU
  • Birthplace: Guangzhou, Guangdong
  • Since: 1985
  • Rating: 8.7

Snowflake Beer 雪花啤酒

Snowflake Beer is a special brew that carries an abundance of hops, giving it its iconic taste and overflowing options with every pour. Originally established in 1993 in Shenyang Liaoning Province, the beer has quickly become known for its freshness and innovation amongst young people across China.

Not only does Snow Flake have the strength to be enjoyed by all family members – including those female drinkers who might not usually opt for a stronger beer – but when refrigerated offers up pure tones and scents as delicate as milk foam!

snowflake beer
  • Alcohol: 4.0% vol
  • Original Gravity: 10 ° P
  • Bitter: 10 IBU
  • Birthplace: Liaoning, Shenyang
  • Since: 1993
  • Rating: 7.5

Harbin Beer 哈尔滨啤酒

Harbin has an intriguing history involving the unique integration of cultures from both East and West. With a rich heritage that includes strong influences from Russian immigrants, this city is home to one notable symbol of its past: Harbin Beer! The iconic brew was first introduced by entrepreneurial Russians when they began their business ventures in China.

Time to raise a glass of Harbin Beer and join in the joy – because, after all, who doesn’t want to be “Happy”? That’s right: this brew has taken on an even bigger meaning for those celebrating with it. Its Chinese nickname ties into its English pronunciation so perfectly that when there’s partying at hand you can hear people exclaiming “I wanna be Happy!”

Harbin beer is a delightful golden color with subtle, light foam. Its signature flavor boasts an alluring wheat taste that’s both mild and smooth. With its wort concentration of 10%, the hops are fragrant and gentle on your palate while still offering just the right balance between sweet and bitter flavors. It is great for a summer drink and best paired with a hearty meal.

harbin beer
  • Alcohol: 4.0% vol
  • Original Gravity: 10 ° P
  • Bitter: 10 IBU
  • Birthplace: Harbin, Heilongjiang
  • Since: 1900
  • Rating: 8.0

Yanjing Beer 燕京啤酒

With its rich history and heavy roots in Beijing, Yanjing Beer was the favored brew of many young people during the 1980s and 1990s.

Recently though, it has seen a decline with an aging image and low-end positioning – prompting them to make changes that reach younger generations. To combat this drop off they have changed their spokespeople for more fashionable celebrities as well as reformulating recipes better suited to current tastes; along with freshening up packaging designs too!

Yanjing Beer is golden yellow and slightly turbid, with foam as white as snow. It is super delicate yet rich as cream. This flower fragrance is one of a kind in its richness and complexity. It has an incredibly mellow flavor that entwines the light hints of sourness, sweetness from malt, and subtle bitterness while remaining perfectly balanced throughout.

yanjing beer
  • Alcohol: 4.67% vol
  • Original Gravity: 12 ° P
  • Bitter: 9.5 IBU
  • Birthplace: Beijing
  • Since: 1980
  • Rating: 8.5

Wusu Beer 乌苏啤酒

In Xinjiang, Wusu beer is a summertime staple. From bustling cities to remote villages and towns, its presence can be felt in almost every corner of the region – with an ever-expanding array of products lining shelves and large & small stalls pouring out pints throughout peak season. For many locals, it’s become just as much a part of their culture as any other tradition!

Not many people know that the small city of Wusu, located on the same latitude as Munich in Germany, has been found to possess remarkably similar environmental conditions. This means its beers share some similarities with Bavarian beer – it’s known for having an unmistakable malty flavor and smooth body!

wusu beer
  • Alcohol: 4.3% vol
  • Original Gravity: 13 ° P
  • Bitter: 10 IBU
  • Birthplace: Xinjiang
  • Since: 1986
  • Rating: 8.4

Shancheng Beer 山城啤酒

Born in the mountains of Chongqing, Shancheng Beer has an illustrious history and is now regaining its popularity with locals. It’s even become such a beloved staple that it earned itself the affectionate slogan “Shancheng beer, bosom friend” from none other than proud citizens of Chongqing!

Shancheng Beer is the perfect beverage for any occasion! Its famous Guobin beer brand was brewed with a combination of hops, yeast and other ingredients to create an amber colored lager that’s light yellow in color. The foam on top is delicate yet white in appearance – you won’t miss it when its hangs in your glass.

As you take a sip, expect your taste buds to be delighted by this refreshing brew as well as hints of malt and hop aromas; making it especially enjoyable for ladies! Its original wort concentration is 9.5 degrees and contains complex nutrients.

shancheng beer
  • Alcohol: 3.1% vol
  • Original Gravity: 9.5 ° P
  • Bitter: 8.6 IBU
  • Birthplace: Chongqing Sichuan
  • Since: 1958
  • Rating: 8.5

Kingway Beer 津威啤酒

Kingway Beer offers a unique wheat taste and unparalleled refreshment. With its bright foam, it gives off 492 freshness levels to ensure an unforgettable experience – even better when enjoyed with lemon! Its delish aromas make the beer perfect for anyone looking for something special in their beverage of choice.

Enjoy the clouds of creamy foam in this beer, as white as freshly fallen snow. With a delightful aroma and lasting flavor that will leave you with a sense of refreshment, it is no wonder why young people are in love with this beer!

kingway beer
  • Alcohol: 3.7% vol
  • Original Gravity: 11.5 ° P
  • Bitter: 7 IBU
  • Birthplace: Guangdong
  • Since: 1985
  • Rating: 8.5

Sedrin Beer 雪津啤酒

A sip of this wine will leave your taste buds tingling with its robust wheat flavor. As the liquid swirls in your mouth, a sweet finish follows and you can even pick up hints on the nose! I personally love the aftertaste.

If you’re looking for a truly special experience with this remarkable wine, it’s best to enjoy its sweetness alongside some ice. But don’t make the mistake of drinking on an empty stomach! I’ve experienced firsthand that when there isn’t any food in your system, consuming even just one glass can cause unpleasant side effects – so always remember to have something first!

sedrin beer
  • Alcohol: 3.2% vol
  • Original Gravity: 8 ° P
  • Bitter: 7 IBU
  • Birthplace: Putian, Fujian
  • Since: 1986
  • Rating: 8.5

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