Dried Bean Curd

dried bean curd

Have you ever before came across dried bean curd? While it is actually a staple in Chinese cuisine and also often used to create appetizing dishes with pork or hen, lots of folks outside of China may certainly not recognize along with it.

Yet do not panic, I am actually right here to offer you dirt on dried out grain curd. I’ll share all the vital details so you can easily possess a far better understanding of the active ingredient.

Are you ready to know about dried out grain curd?

What Is Dried Bean Curd

Many individuals equate the English interpretation of yuba as bean curd. As a matter of fact, tofu skin is one more substance that is likewise produced from beans. All at once, there are actually a lot of alternatives of yuba, consisting of deep-fried yuba and clean yuba.

Really dried out grain curd is actually a soy product made by coagulating as well as drying soy beans after they have been fine-tuned and also boiled. The dried grain curd is actually helped make by picking the skin coming from the container, aligning it, rumbling it in to a pole shape, and drying it. dried out grain curd is really a really traditional Chinese soy item, and also it is actually additionally the raw component of numerous foods items. Its own taste is actually reasonably powerful as well as possesses a very unique preference.

dried out bean curd possesses a lot of unique means. It could be created in to meat product dishes or even vegetarian recipes. It can be created right into foods alone or even with meat. It can be braised in soy products sauce, stir-fried, soup, or even cold, in different means.


The characteristic of dried bean curd is that the different colors is yellowish white, and the oil is actually see-through. Prior to consuming, dried grain curd needs to have to become soaked, as well as it needs to be taken in clean water, which generally takes concerning 3 to 5 hrs. The recipes constructed from dried grain curd are actually extremely scrumptious, and there are a lot of sort of foods. Eating dried grain curd can supplement a bunch of nutrients, particularly the healthy protein content in it is actually very abundant, which can easily guard the skin.


When it comes to the dishes made from bean curd sticks, they’re simply delicious! They’re tender, smooth, and refreshing, and they provide our bodies with a wealth of nutrients, particularly protein. This protein can help to make our skin brighter and more radiant, making dried bean curd an effective option for anyone looking to improve their skin’s appearance.

Dried bean curd is also high in dietary fiber, which promotes digestive health and regularity. If you’re someone with poor digestion, adding dried bean curd to your diet is a great way to help get things moving.

In conclusion, dried bean curd is an excellent food choice, even though it is made from soy. It offers a delicious taste and a wealth of nutrients that are good for both our health and our taste buds.

How Dried Bean Curd Is Made

The process of making dried bean curd involves several steps, including selecting the soybeans, peeling, soaking, refining, pulping, cooking, filtering, extracting, drying, and packing. Here is a detailed explanation of each step:

  1. Selecting the Soybeans: Choose soybeans with full grains and sieve out any dust or impurities.
  2. Peeling: The soybeans are crushed and peeled with a peeling machine to remove the outer skins, which helps to achieve a yellowish-white color and improve protein utilization and yield.
  3. Soaking: The peeled soybeans are soaked in clear water for 4-5 hours in spring and autumn and 7-8 hours in winter. The ratio of water to beans is 1:2.5, and the soaked beans should be swollen and firm but not soft.
  4. Refining and Pulping: The soybeans are refined into juice using a stone mill or steel mill, and then filtered 3 times to remove impurities.
  5. Cooking and Filtering: The pulp is heated to 100-110°C, filtered once, and then divided into two parts.
  6. Extracting: The cooked pulp is heated to 60-70°C, and a layer of oily film forms after 10-15 minutes. This film is then gently cut and extracted.
  7. Drying and Packaging: The bean curd sticks are hung on bamboo poles and dried in a room with a temperature of 50-60°C for 4-7 hours, until they become yellowish-white, bright, and translucent.
The process of dried bean curd 1
The process of dried bean curd 2

Some Practices

Dried bean curd is a great ingredient that can be used in many different dishes. Here are just a few examples:

Bean Curd Stick Fried Meat

Cold Bean Curd Stick

Braised Dried Bean Curd

Dried Bean Curd Fungus


Prepare ingredients
Mark as done
Soak dried bean curd and fungus in advance for later use
Mark as done
Wash and pat the cucumber until loose, then cut into sections
Mark as done
Mince the garlic, cut the coriander into small pieces, and cut the millet into rings for later use
Mark as done
Use very fresh soy sauce, oyster sauce, balsamic vinegar, sugar, salt, chicken essence, and sesame oil to make a bowl of sauce (adjust the amount according to personal taste)
Mark as done
Blanch the soaked dried bean curd and fungus in boiling water for 2-3 minutes
Mark as done
Drain and remove
Mark as done
Put a small amount of oil in the pan, put peanuts in the cold pan
Mark as done
Shake the pot over medium and low heat and stir-fry until the skin of the peanuts bursts and the aroma is released.
Mark as done
Put all the prepared side dishes into the container
Mark as done
Pour in the prepared sauce and mix well
Mark as done
Mark as done
Finished product

Mark as done
Appetizers to cool off in summer
Mark as done


  1. Bean curd sticks are actually rich in healthy protein and have very high dietary worth.
  2. The information of glutamic acid in grain curd catches is higher, which possesses an excellent brain-building impact and also can easily protect against the occurrence of Alzheimer’s ailment.
  3. The phospholipids included in dried out grain curd can easily additionally lower the material of cholesterol levels in the blood stream, so concerning handle and stop hyperlipidemia and also arteriosclerosis.
  4. Soy bean saponins in dried out bean curd have anti-inflammatory as well as anti-ulcer impacts.
  5. Bean curd stays have a selection of minerals, supplement calcium, stop weakening of bones led to by calcium mineral deficiency, as well as ensure bone tissue advancement. The tincture of soy beans is concentrated. It is the nutritional champ in soybean items and also is remarkably favorable to the bone growth of little ones and also the aged.
  6. The lecithin contained in it may remove the cholesterol levels connected to the blood stream vessel wall surface, prevent hardening of the arteries, avoid heart attacks, as well as defend the heart.
  7. It is actually likewise wealthy in iron, as well as is actually effortlessly absorbed by the physical body, which possesses a specific result on iron shortage aplastic anemia.

Grain curd sticks have a range of minerals, supplement calcium, stop osteoporosis resulted in by calcium mineral deficiency, as well as promote bone tissue advancement. The tincture of soy beans is focused. It is the dietary champ in soy bean products and also is extremely helpful to the bone tissue growth of children and the elderly.

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